Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the 'lab'

the glamourous bit

what i should have been doing instead of etsy
catching up with making stock and orders..... today made:
56 rose geranium lotions
83 rose hip creams
30 litres castile hand and shower gel
30 litres bulk hair conditioner
57 blue chamomile lotions

the essential oil stash

the cooking of the castile......
usually 6-10 hours in a double boiler

the product at everest base camp with a customer...gasp!!
....what a thrill to see this !!
they thought to do this for me ???
when they were at mt everest ?????
made me feel i was there too when they gave me this photo

the vinegar label against my green kitchen wall
yes...i do like green

the buttons i bought from mr wiccked
will have to knit something this winter
to put them on...

maybe something green...?
the same colour as this hat i made last winter?

thanks to innerearthsoaps for my first sale on etsy!


Chrisy said...

Wow you sure have been productive...and that photo...what a buzz!

carina said...

we try to keep production days like this to 2 or 3 a week during summer but theres usually something crops up like big custom orders needed by the end of the week!! thats the trouble with quitting your day job!
quiet time of winter coming soon!! and yes! its things like happy customers giving me this photo that make all the long days worthwhile!