Monday, July 19, 2010

Win a $300 pack of Tranquillita Treats for Winter Pampering

mysouthwest is running a competition to win a
$300 hamper of tranquillita treats !
you should answer the question....

which of our products contains boronia essential oil ?

you can enter at this link :D

enrtry open til
midnight WST on 29th July, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010


this one has been in the pipeline for a while....

so after consultation with various
soon to be mums
already mums
numerous times over mums
mums of mums
friends and family of all the above

we decided on the following contents.....

This excellent quality re-usable pack contains :

to provide relief for precious bottoms.
also suitable for use as nipple balm, to soothe exzema, cradle cap.

Extra gentle formula made from 90% olive oil 7% castor oil with soothing calendula extract and Bulgarian lavender

Pure West Australian extra virgin olive oil
with just a hint of Bulgarian lavender

Softening, soothing rose hydrosol.
Use as a toner or as a moisturising mist

ROSE HIP CREAM 60ml Gentle everyday cream to moisturise dry faces. Certified organic rose hip oil to aid cell regeneration, rose hydrosol to soothe and soften

Sunday, March 21, 2010

and another new product !

we made a small batch of this night serum at the suggestion of a longtime loyal customer and have received such astonishingly positive feedback from all 'triallers' that it will definitely be part of our permanent range

calendula rosehip boronia night serum

Precious oils scented with Boronia to hydrate improve tone and revitalise the skin. Rich in Vitamins C A B E and minerals. A potent natural anti­oxidant for your skin. Massage 2-3 drops into damp cleansed skin.

rosehip oil*, calendula oil*, natural vitamin E, 3% boronia in jojoba, german blue chamomile.
*ACO 10186 P certified organic

10 ML $20

we have been spending most of our time over on facebook lately
so come and join us there :D

Friday, January 15, 2010

cream deodorant and feedback

well !! its finally for sale....after lots of trying by friends, family and willing strangers....
but only in our brick and mortar shop in dunsborough for now....
it should be available soon
in our etsy shop
and in our AU$ shop

This deodorant works by neutralising bacteria with bi-carbonate of soda. It moisturises and soothes with extra virgin olive oil and shea butter. Essential oils of lemon myrtle and bergamot to control microbes and lightly scent your armpits naturally.

contains: olive oil, sodium bicarbonate, cocoa butter, shea butter, corn flour, beeswax, natural vitamin e, rosemary leaf extract, eo’s of lemon myrtle and calabrian bergamot

and a lovely customer left some feedback on our facebook page

" For the last 2 years I have had a rash under my arms. I do not shave (I wax) and nothing I have tried seems to have got rid of it. I have tried everything, anti-fungial, anti bacterial, rash creams, paw paw, crystal sticks, tea tree deoderant and nothing helped or if it did it smelt horrid as it was not designed to b...e place in the armit area. I tried tranquillita deoderant cream and after 2 months it has nearly disappeared. I am not bothered by having to apply it as a cream as I have been doing that and it lasts all day and is so natural. Thanks guys, I will recommend you and will be trying more of your products as I slowly use up all the other crap in my cupboard!! "