Thursday, March 26, 2009

foots ease balm

i listed our foots ease balm on etsy last night.

you could be the lucky recipient of a jar, if you decide its your favourite thing in our etsy shop!! by entering our Down Under Eostre giveaway, just have browse in our shop, then leave a comment here telling us what your favourite item is and why! easy! (open to australian residents only :( sorry ! until April 15)

dont know about anybody else but my feet have been suffering this summer especially since its slip on shoes only for me this time of year and its so dry anyway, here in the west. i remember the weather man said it was only 20% humidity a few weeks back. but of course foot balm helps.

........especially after standing in the 'Big Kitchen' (6m x 3m) all day, the commercial one where we create all our lovely natural concoctions!

...........slaving over a hot stove

cetti nearly fills the 'Small Kitchen' (2.5m x 2m) our domestic one, where we create all our lovely food to feed ourselves with.

and while i do enjoy making skincare...its the many large pots, some of them are 30 litres, needing to be washed i object to! i suppose thats what happens when you are a 2 person + dog (he doesnt help out, in the 'Big Kitchen'
)....operation, you get to do it ALL yourself!?


incalesco said...

Honey I think your "Big Kitchen" looks fabulous! After trying to make jewellery on a wooden breadboard on the kitchen bench in a rented apartment any dedicated "making" space is just perfect.

Ange said...

I am totally coveting your foot balm - I have so many lotions I use for my poor dry feet but nothing seems to work! They all just soak in and then my feet feel dry and nasty again.

lyptis said...

Hey the foot balm looks yummy, i like the colour of it, it looks like it smells nice!:)

The picture is nice too!

Where do u have such a big kitchen? It looks very professional!

Ah yeah and Thanks for voting for my dress!:) Sweet!

carina said...

yep! foot balm smells pretty good :)
the 'big kitchen' is in our 'Shed' (12m x 18m)where we live and work! its all divvied up into living and commercial areas! thats one good thing about small towns, we are zoned 'light industrial' and can live here as 'caretakers' :) it is actually quite a bit more civilised and aesthetically pleasing than i am making it sound :) broadband, fireplace, hot water, coffee machine, digital TV, vege garden, snakes :-) i will post a quided tour one day :)
thanks for entering comp :)