Wednesday, May 6, 2009


morsø is back in was 1 degree C at 7 am and i have splinters from the axe handle.
olive oil goes cloudy (fatty acids) below 7 degrees so when i am in the back section of the 'shed' where we store it all, its easy to tell when i should light the fire this time of could spell the end for my still productive tomatoes :(


spacefrogknitsandyarns said...

Ohhh, I want one of those! It's so cold here and I have to get by with electrical heaters. :-(
My olive oil went cloudy last winter... doesn't say much for the temperature inside my house! :D

Ange said...

oh it must be so cold there! and i whinge about brisbane's 10 degree overnight temps at the moment!

loving my foot balm! it's gorgeous. i think i will try your shampoos next!