Sunday, May 10, 2009

and now for something completely different

its cloudy today for the first time in weeks.....still no rain though....which is just as well because i am repainting the lines in the supermarket carpark ! they havent been done for about seven years.......we did them the first time, in my other life as a painter, houses not pictures :) below is a lime wash (that i made from scratch) in progress on a friends antique shop.....i specialised in making things look old and crappy :)

and antiques.... this is a before shot of late 19th C gilt console just had all the yucky paint stripped off and now its ready to have all its missing bits rebuilt with plaster and gesso then regilded.

....anyway...lines are not really visible anymore. i will be making use of my barrier cream for my hands, rose hip cream for my face and lip balm for my lips ! to protect me from the elements :) maybe i will have a photo at the end of the day ?..................................yep

GASP !!! got blue paint on my redback steelcaps from holding down the cardboard stencil...these are the best most comfortable steelcap work boots i have ever owned...made in sydney ! only my second pair since 1998 and they get worn all winter in the kitchen, collecting/chopping firewood, making retaining walls for vegie garden from wandoo railway sleepers (40kg), etc etc etc, they have saved my toes a million times

watched this
Snow Leopard: Beyond The Myth
on iView ABC online TV

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