Friday, January 15, 2010

cream deodorant and feedback

well !! its finally for sale....after lots of trying by friends, family and willing strangers....
but only in our brick and mortar shop in dunsborough for now....
it should be available soon
in our etsy shop
and in our AU$ shop

This deodorant works by neutralising bacteria with bi-carbonate of soda. It moisturises and soothes with extra virgin olive oil and shea butter. Essential oils of lemon myrtle and bergamot to control microbes and lightly scent your armpits naturally.

contains: olive oil, sodium bicarbonate, cocoa butter, shea butter, corn flour, beeswax, natural vitamin e, rosemary leaf extract, eo’s of lemon myrtle and calabrian bergamot

and a lovely customer left some feedback on our facebook page

" For the last 2 years I have had a rash under my arms. I do not shave (I wax) and nothing I have tried seems to have got rid of it. I have tried everything, anti-fungial, anti bacterial, rash creams, paw paw, crystal sticks, tea tree deoderant and nothing helped or if it did it smelt horrid as it was not designed to b...e place in the armit area. I tried tranquillita deoderant cream and after 2 months it has nearly disappeared. I am not bothered by having to apply it as a cream as I have been doing that and it lasts all day and is so natural. Thanks guys, I will recommend you and will be trying more of your products as I slowly use up all the other crap in my cupboard!! "

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karen lee said...

Cream Deodorant - WOW! I know of and can actually pronounce all the ingredients listed (no nasty chemicals). It's now available in your etsy shop - please let me know when when it's in your AUS$ store - shortly need to order some products and will definitely order it when available.