Thursday, December 10, 2009

garden early summer and new camera at last

blue moon

unpruned/unfed icebergs

1 grapefruit

potted figs

by the front door

they really are this colour



mint mint mint

principe borghese

slater food

basil in poo

angustifolia and sheep truck

carciofi i didnt eat

30 kilos not for parrots


Kate said...

I have seen your beautiful products - just didn't realise you were down the road!
we hope to have another fair next year - would love to see you with a stall there!

jenny said...

Hey I like your all colorful items collected. I like that you have collected very nicely in blogs... Thanks.

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karen lee said...

Absolutely stunning photos - new camera is a beauty! Even blown up to full screen, they are so sharp - the 'ags' come up brilliant! Congratulations on your lovely garden - Superb!